Waterproof Motorcycle Mount for Smart Phones: eCaddy™ FLEX

FLEX your phone - use it more places, more easily!

The eCaddy™ FLEX was designed with today's smart phones in mind, and offers the most versatile way to mount a phone (or an iPod/MP3) on a motorcycle.

The cornerstone of the eCaddy™ FLEX is the NEW Ultra-Swivel feature. Ultra-Swivel gives the rider unlimited positioning ability in not one but three ways (rotational, left-right/up-down and clockwise). So you'll never have trouble seeing your phone!

Start simple. Use the eCaddy™ FLEX with your own phone holster or case; as long as you've got a belt clip, you're ready to ride. The FLEX can accommodate just about any clip, including the wider Blackberry, Apple and Otterbox clips. Clip it on, adjust to desired angle with Ultra-Swivel ... and go!

Go waterproof! Pair the eCaddy™ FLEX with the newly-designed Caddy Buddy and your phone will be impervious to rain!

The newly designed Caddy Buddy offers:
* A sleeker, slimmer look
* Larger clear vinyl front
* YES, you can operate your phone through the protective cover!
* Wires can be run out the edge of the Velcro closure
* Can be mounted vertically OR horizontally to accommodate applications like navigation

Retail: $84.99+