VIRginia International Raceway to Host "Grassroots" Motorcycle Racing - August 12-14, 2011

VIRginia International Raceway presents a full three-day event of two-wheeled action, with the Northeast Sportbike Association (NESBA) on the North Course and the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA) competing on the South Course. NESBA - The Northeast Sportbike Association is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization, formed in 1996 by sportbike enthusiasts and former racers who understand and appreciate the difference between riding fast and riding well. Their purpose is to get sportbikers on the track - where they can ride to their fullest potential without the limitations, distractions and hazards of the street. They operate on the premise, "Ride Fast, Ride Safe" and the belief that riders can and should do both a structured environment, without the free-for-all mentality of the street or the dogfight mentality of racing. With close to 200 track days this year, NESBA is the largest single sportbike track day organization in the country. Whether you're a street rider or a racer, NESBA can help you become a more experienced, more skilled, more confident sportbiker. Grab your helmet and let's ride! For more information, visit

AHRMA - If you are crazy about old competition motorcycles-whether road racers, flat trackers, motocrossers, trials iron or woods bikes - then you have certainly come to the right place. That's what the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association is all about, Fun on Old Wheels. AHRMA is a celebration of the competition motorcycles of yesterday, as well as the legendary riders who made history aboard these machines. Where possible, AHRMA rounds out this historic experience by recreating the types of race courses these machines were used on. In particular, motocross tracks and observed trials sections both have changed dramatically since these motorcycles were new, but AHRMA steps back to the way it was "back then." We make sure racing takes place in an environment that is safe, fair and friendly. AHRMA is the largest vintage-racing group in North America and quite possibly the biggest in the world. Our roots extend back to efforts to organize vintage road racing during the late 1970s in the Northeast. For additional information visit our website:

Recently chosen as one of Car & Driver's Top 6 tracks in the nation, VIRginia International Raceway is a multi-purpose road racing facility, located on the Dan River between Danville and South Boston, Virginia. VIR hosts a wide range of professional and amateur auto and motorcycle racing and track events, and is well established as "America's Motorsport Resort." For further information, call 434-822-7700 or visit our web site at and subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on facebook.

Tickets for this event are $10 per person, per day and purchased at the gate. On-site camping available - $35 for tents or $50 for RVs for duration of the event. Room rates at The Lodge are $99 per night. Book your room for both Friday & Saturday nights and receive a 3-day event ticket free. To make reservations, please call 434-822-7700 ext 300 or visit our web site at