VIDEO: Reporting from AIMExpo 2013 | EBR Introduces the 1190RX Street Bike

Motorcyclist talks to EBR about the new 1190 RX.

At the inaugural AIMExpo show in Orlando, Florida, Erik Buell Racing rolled out the new 1190RX super street bike. EBR says the new model is a direct descendent of the company's race-proven 1190RS sport bike and has such rider-focused features as a lightweight frame--total weight 419 pounds--and a 185-horsepower 1190cc V-twin engine. the 1190RX has 21 traction settings to meet any conceivable road surface or track condition. At AIMExpo, Motorcyclist magazine's Marc Cook took a video tour of the 1190RX and interviewed Dane Hoechst for an indepth look.