VIDEO: MotoAmerica Superbike Race 1 & 2 From Indy

Highlights and rider response to officials' decision to stop the race.

"Hayden was robbed!" That was the outcry from more than one fan in response to officials throwing the red flag due to rain falling Sunday afternoon during the final laps of MotoAmerica Superbike/Superstock 1000 race two at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The race was called on lap 16 of the scheduled 18 and, reverting back to the end of lap 15, Cameron Beaubier was declared the winner by 0.015 seconds ahead of Roger Hayden. Josh Hayes was a close third, an improvement from race one, in which the four-time AMA Superbike champion also captured the final spot on the podium.

Did the top three finishers agree with the officials’ decision to stop the race? This is what Beaubier, Hayden, and Hayes said in the post-race press conference:

Cameron Beaubier (Monster Energy Graves Yamaha): "Those last few laps it was raining pretty good. I think all of us were riding a little timid. It seemed like whoever was in front was going a little bit slower—they didn't know how much grip there was. It was easier to ride around in second than lead in those conditions.

“I had a feeling they were going to throw the red flag so I was doing everything I could just to stay in front. I definitely got a little lucky in the second race, but I’ll take it. I need everything I can get right now. Who knows what would have happened on the last lap but I think they made the right call.”

Roger Hayden (Yoshimura Suzuki): "The first half of the race I was pretty strong. Then, when the sprinkles came, when I was out front, I was a little sketched out, especially those last couple laps. It was raining so bad in the back. On the last lap, Josh got by me because I was sliding around everywhere. Riding in the rain on slicks is… I'm too old for that.

“I put my hand up with three laps to go so they would be watching for it. It was raining pretty good and, like Cam said, whoever was in the lead was just tippy-toeing. When you were in second, it was kind of nice because you had somebody to judge off. Honestly, I thought it went a little longer than it should have. But that’s the way it is.”

Josh Hayes (Monster Energy Graves Yamaha): "It was time to stop the race. On my run onto the front straightaway when I was in front of Rog, I touched the paint next to the curb and spun up bad enough into the limiter that I thought I missed a gear. I wish it could have gone another lap so I would have had another chance, but it was the right call."