Video Commute - 2017 BMW RnineT Scrambler in New York City!

Taking on the Big Apple on BMW’s RnineT Scrambler.

It's no secret we're always trying to get our staff to work a little harder. Especially the ones that always seem to have too much to say. "Write it down!" the boss yells, exasperated. Senior Editor Zack Courts is a classic case, always arriving to office after his commute with a bunch of opinions about the bike he's riding. Too much this, not enough that, and occasionally has some decent insights that we thought might help consumers or entertain enthusiasts.

In this special edition of MC Commute, Zack rides BMW's new-for-2017 RnineT Scrambler from Brooklyn's ultra-hip Williamsburg neighborhood across to midtown Manhattan to see how it stacks up against the standard nineT and one of the most famous cities in the world. To learn more about the bike and see photos, read Zack's first ride review of the RnineT Scrambler here.