Vespa Elettrica Scooter First Look

Gen Z Audrey Hepburn’s scooter is finally for sale

Vespa Elettrica Scooter
Vespa Elettrica ScooterVespa

The Vespa Elettrica, first unveiled at EICMA 2016, has finally reached production. Vespa is taking pre-orders for the machine now and promises delivery to the US by April 1, 2019.

With 3.5 kW continuous power and peak power of 4 kW—roughly equivalent to a 50cc internal combustion model—and a 62-mile (100km) range, the Elettrica represents Vespa's electric future. The Elettrica's lithium-ion battery requires a four-hour charge time, so urban commuters won't be out of the running for too long. The Elettrica has two power modes (ECO and Power) to prolong battery life. It also has reverse. Just like a Gold Wing!

Vespa booth at EICMA
Vespa booth at EICMA.Vespa

The Elettrica boasts a 4.3-inch full-color TFT dash to display all the basic stuff (speed, range, etc.). And with Bluetooth connectivity, riders can connect their smartphones, so that big dash can display incoming calls/texts and music. Just imagine Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn cruising the streets of Rome with headphones in, blaring Edoardo Vianello or some other Italian crooner. It’d be a regular Generation Z romance.

Vespa Elettrica Scooter
Like the BMW i8, the Vespa Elettrica has that special blue color that lets people know you care about the environment and probably watch sci-fi.Vespa

The Vespa App also gives riders trip stats and push notifications informing them that a battery charge is necessary (ricaricare, ricaricare!).

The Elettrica retains Vespa's classic silhouette and steel bodywork and boasts an LED headlight. The Elettrica rolls on 12-inch alloy wheels in the front and 11-inch alloys in the rear.

Vespa Elettrica Scooter
It’s Elettrica.Vespa

Vespa, no doubt foreseeing future Rome overrun with its little electric runabouts, has smartly included a “find my bike” feature on the remote control key fob that when pressed flashes the turn indicators and plays “Inno di Mameli” (the Italian national anthem). Kidding about the last part. But it’d be cooler if it did. Maybe on the next generation. Right, Vespa?

Naturally, Vespa’s catalog is rife with custom parts like chrome luggage racks and mudguards, and a “backpack with LED piping.” Perfect for Gen Z Audrey Hepburn to wear while juuling and Instagramming her big day out in Rome.

Vespa Elettrica Scooter
TFT dash. Comfy seat.Vespa

The Elettrica has an MSRP of $7,499, which sounds like a lot, but considering it’s about the same price as, like, one semester of Gen Z Audrey Hepburn’s college meal plan, it’s downright reasonable. Especially if she doesn’t have to pay with her own money.