The Very Boring Rally II

Aerostich and RiderWearHouse Catalog announce that the Very Boring Rally II will take place August 22-24, 2008, at Aerostich World Headquarters and the nearby Spirit Mountain Resort in Duluth, Minnesota. The event will feature riding-related seminars and shows from motorcycling greats such as acclaimed writer Dr. Gregory Frazier, Dr. Flash Gordon MD, Ted Simon, and many others. And some great VIP surprise guests! There will be on-site camping, celebrated national entertainment, great food (BBQ dinner), guided local scenic riding tours, an on-site National Championship Observed Trials, and lots of prizes, games, and awards - for motorcycle poetry readings, the oldest/youngest/farthest distance riders, and much more. Even an award for the sorriest bike ridden to the party, and one for the most worn-out Aerostich suit. Come celebrate 25 years of Aerostich nonsense and Riderwearhouse catalog mischief. Advance ticket sales, camping and hotel reservation information, and much more info is online at

For more information on the Very Boring Rally II, and to see detailed online event schedules or to join the rider community planning to ride to the rally, please visit or call 800-222-1994.