Velomacchi’s Speedway Hybrid Travel 50L Duffel Is Ready For Your Worst

Backpack, tail bag, or duffel—you can beat it up but you can’t beat it

Velomacchi duffel back of bike
Morgan riding the Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled with the Velomacchi 50L Duffel strapped to the backBert Beltran

When you need to go far, fast—you need a bag that's as versatile as it is reliable. In one weekend, I took the Velomacchi Speedway Hybrid Travel 50-Liter duffel 600 miles strapped to the back of a Victory bagger, hopped on a Ducati Monster S to carve up some mountain roads wearing it as a backpack, and finally onto a Honda CRF250L to ride 200 miles of trails with this thing locked firmly on the tailsection. It's waterproof, it's big, it quickly locks securely to your back or bike, and with the straps tucked away, it's a great-looking travel bag off the bike as well.

I ask a lot of my carry systems and tend to push them to the limit by overstuffing, contorting, and forcing them to conform to whatever the trip’s needs are. I’ve stopped settling for bags that will inevitably disappoint me. This means spending a little more money at the time of purchase but gives a longer-lasting relationship with the bag that results in the trust it takes to throw in thousands of dollars’ worth of computer/camera equipment and clothing to zoom down the highway at 80 mph.

Velomacchi duffel bag
For rougher terrain, wearing the 50L Hybrid Duffel as a backpack can keep your junk from getting too shaken up!Bert Beltran

The main compartment of the bag is 42 liters, which has proven to be plenty of room for a few days out on the road. There’s usually enough space to pack a little more than I really need, especially since the two outside cinch straps work incredibly well for strapping down a blanket, jacket, or any other voluminous item that can stand being in the wind for the ride.

Velomacchi bag sunset
Heading up the hill at China Peak during last year's High Pipe Rally.Bert Beltran

Closing the main pouch is a bulky zipper with a large pull, which makes is easy to seal when you’ve stuffed as much as you can in there. Two outer 4-liter pockets are easily accessible while the bag is strapped down and are perfect for things like your cellphone, flashlight, or pocket knife. Behind the outer pockets is a small, sneaky Velcro pocket for stashing the duffel handles where I usually stash my knife and multitool when I fly, as I don’t think they’ll be noticed and I have had a few similar items stolen by airport baggage handlers.

The two back straps stow neatly and easily into the back/bottom of the duffel and once pulled out, adjust quickly to fit well. There’s a single, sliding clip to keep the straps together while being worn. Along the seam of the bottom/back of the bag are four loops for the included cargo straps. I always keep them in one of the outer pockets, where they don’t take up too much room and they come in handy.

Velomacchi duffel bag
This 50L Duffel is easy to strap down, but works great as a backpack.Bert Beltran

I haven’t yet found a trip for which this bag isn’t perfectly suited. Whether it’s strapped to surf racks on top of a Jeep, the seat of the Ducati Desert Sled, an overhead luggage bin, or my back—this thing rules.

At $279 it's not cheap, but Velomacchi includes a lifetime warranty. Should any issue arise, just contact the company for replacement or repair. Dimensions: width 12.5 inches x length 25 inches x height 10 inches.