Velomacchi Speedway Tool Kit Roll Review

The perfect pouch for rolling your own custom tool kit.

Velomacchi Speedway Tool Kit Roll on garage floor.
The Speedway tool roll is a classy way to organize and store your road-trip tools.Sparza Creative

These days stock motorcycle “tool kits” are often little more than an Allen wrench and fuse puller. If you want the ability to make any sort of meaningful roadside repair, you’d better roll your own tool kit.

For years I literally rolled a handful of essential tools in a hand towel, wrapped it with a bungee cord, and called it a day. For my last few major adventures, however, I’ve been using this Speedway Tool Roll from Velomacchi, and I have to say I’m pretty fond of it.

For starters, it’s got cinch straps so you can compress the roll the same way you’d squeeze down a sleeping bag for easy packing. I cram this thing full of stuff, so it’s nice to be able to make it as compact and stable as possible so it sits comfortably in the bottom of my backpack or straps securely to the luggage rack or passenger seat of my bike.

Velomacchi Speedway Tool Kit Roll zippered, translucent pouch.
A zippered, translucent pouch at the left end of the roll is a great place to store small spares and other items.Sparza Creative

I also appreciate the size and design of the roll. It’s just big enough to hold a proper array of equipment but not so big that you’re encouraged to bring unnecessary junk and end up with a huge 15-pound package. The roll itself is made from a heavy nylon material with an inner flap that unsnaps to uncover your tools and provide a bit of a work surface on the ground. So whether you’re on the side of the road in Reno, Nevada, or on the beach in Baja you’ll have some semblance of a surface to set tools and parts on. In fact, I was trailside in Baja when I inadvertently discovered my favorite feature on the Speedway: the integrated magnet in the upper flap. It’s perfect for temporarily holding nuts and bolts so they don’t tumble away and get lost.

There’s also a zippered pouch at one end (ideal for zip-ties, spare hardware, nitrile gloves, and a wad of safety wire) and then row after row of elastic sleeves. It seems like the sleeves and loops were designed to carry a plug kit with CO2 cartridges and a few wrenches, but I pack weird stuff. Like tubes of J-B Weld, a small container of baby powder (for inner tubes), a proper tire gauge, and chain lube, none of which fit easily in the provided spaces. In fact, some of the slots are so narrow they’re not likely to hold anything other than a pen or a screwdriver, inserted shaft down. With all that in mind, I’d prefer to see some sort of adjustable loop system so you can further customize the Speedway to hold the stuff you need for your adventure.

Velomacchi Speedway Tool Kit Roll open on garage floor.
The Speedway’s elastic loops let you pack what you need for the adventure at hand. This pack is prepped for a Baja off-road ride.Sparza Creative

So far this kit has served me well on several big excursions and survived a lot of use as I unfurled it to fix flat tires, tighten bolts that had rattled loose, or in one case remove a rear fender that was hanging by the taillight wiring. It’s gotten abraded and dirty but I dig the patina, and it’s clear this thing is built to last. It’s a nice foundation for a tool kit, and I guess the only real drawback is the price. Because for the same $75 you can get a fully stocked tool kit in a similar pouch from CruzTools. Then again, Velomacchi is a bit of boutique brand, so you’re buying into the brand, the appearance, and what it says about you. I don’t care much for that stuff, but I appreciate that this tool roll provides a solid foundation for your own roadworthy tool kit.

Velomacchi Speedway Tool Kit Roll magnet closure.
When you’re removing hardware trailside, a magnet in the Speedway’s flap helps keep nuts and bolts from getting lost. It’s a clever and handy touch.Sparza Creative

Grade: A
Summary: A great blank canvas for your custom tool kit.
Price: $75