Valentino Rossi and Aldo Drudi have made a habit of debuting test-edition designs for the Pista GP R helmet that the Doctor dons during the MotoGP preseason. And 2019 is no different, with Rossi taking time ahead of the opening winter 2019 test to show off his latest lid.

The Winter Test 2019 Pista GP R is bold and vibrant, exactly what we’ve come to expect from Rossi and his favorite helmet artist. This edition is like a piece of street art, with broad brushstrokes careening down the crown and around the sides. Previous years have seen a variety of different approaches, but this one, were it laid flat on a canvas rather than a carbon-fiber shell, could have a place in a modern gallery.

Valentino Rossi in AGV test helmet
Valentino Rossi sports the new helmet art during testing at Sepang.AGV

The trademark sun and moon elements remain in play, abstracted along the top and side of the helmet. A thinly lined “46” ensures there’s no question who owns this lid.

AGV Pista GP R helmet
Top: You can see the thin lines of the sun and moon on the top of the helmet in blue.
Left: Vibrant colors have become a hallmark of Rossi's limited-edition lids.
Right: Broad brushstrokes from Aldo Drudi's freehand design are truly unique.

Here’s what Rossi had to say about the newest Pista GP R creation in an AGV press release:

“As for every season’s tests, I made a special helmet for this year as well. It’s always a great experience to work on a special edition. We try to find new ideas every time, but it’s not always easy. For this year’s helmet, we had a hard time making up our minds, but at some point I looked at Aldo and I asked him to do something for me—to do what we used to do, pick up a paintbrush and draw the helmet freehand, like in years past. And that’s what we did! At first, Aldo was hesitant, but then he started to have a blast. When all was said and done, it came out great. Because they’re drawn by hand, each helmet is unique.”

Valentino Rossi with AGV Pista GP R Motorcycle Helmet
We’d be all smiles too with a brand-new Pista GP R painted by a motorcycle design master.AGV

As with most other Rossi editions, the Winter Test 2019 will likely be for sale soon. However, a Pista GP R ain’t cheap to begin with, and once it has Rossi and Drudi’s stamp on it, you’re looking to be in the $1,500 range to get one for yourself.