U.S. Red Bull Rookies Cup KTM RC 125 GP Race Bikes for Sale

The 2008 U.S. AMA Red Bull Rookies Cup KTM RC 125 race bikes are now for sale through HMC Racing. As Road Racing specialists, HMC Racing has a wealth of experience tuning the Red Bull Rookies Cup bikes from their involvement with the U.S. AMA Red Bull Rookies Cup Program in 2008.

There is limited availability of Rookies Cup bikes available, 24 to be exact. Each bike has been refurbished and comes "Ready to Race." The Red Bull Rookies Cup will continue on in Europe for 2009 which guarantees the availability of spare parts at a reasonable price.

All bike sales and future service and spare parts will be handled directly by HMC Racing. Pricing starts as low as $13,900. For more details please contact Mitch Hansen at HMC Racing at: (920) 242-9639 or mitch@hmcracing.com.

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