Twin Power Clutch Kits Now Available

Smooth engagement and stock-like fit

The aftermarket products of Twin Power keep rolling out and in this go around they have added Clutch Kits to their growing line of aftermarket parts and accessories for V-Twin motorcycles. Added performance doesn't have to come at a high price either with their clutch kits that are made in the USA. They are an affordable option for riders and provide stellar performance.

Twin Power Clutch Kits
The kits currently retail for $114.50 to $162.95 (P/Ns 482033 through 482038).Photo Courtesy of Twin Power

"We are excited to add these clutch kits to the Twin Power line. They offer smooth engagement, stock-like fit, and increased service life at a great price point," says James Simonelli, Brand Manager for Twin Power.

Each high-performance kit includes fiber and steel plates. Extra plate kits also include a 15-percent stronger diaphragm spring and increased surface area for greater torque capacity. Race proven friction material and tempered steel plates are utilized for excellent drivability and long service life.

Please note, 1998 and later kits should not be used on 2013 and later CVO and SE models.

The new Clutch Kits from Twin Power can be ordered through your local Tucker Rocky/Biker's Choice dealer.

Need more info on the different types of clutches? Watch the video below.