Turning and Burning with Eddie Lawson and the Blue Angels

Mitch Boehm and Eddie Lawson talk mach.

Motorcyclist Editor Mitch Boehm recently got to take the ultimate thrill ride -- in an F-18 fighter jet flown by a member of the U.S. Navy's Blue Angels flight demonstration team. Multi-time 500cc World Champion roadracer Eddie Lawson also got a ride of his own.

In the June issue, Mitch and Eddie will give you a motorcyclist's eye view of what it's like to flick it in a front-line fighter with a first-class pilot at the stick and compare and contrast the experience to riding a high-performance motorcycle. Both motorcyclists got to experience some of those aerial maneuvers most of us dream about. They even hung on to their lunches doing it. Russ Bartlett, the lead pilot for the Blue Angels, will also offer his views on the two high-performance experiences.

The The U.S. Navy's Blue Angels site may be found here.

Watch for this experience of a lifetime in the June issue of Motorcyclist.

The Blue Angels can teach motorcyclists something about precision
Lawson straps on the F-18.
Boehm hard at work.