Tour Master Transition Jacket

Rain happens, and the best assurance for a safe, comfortable wet-weather riding experience is good gear. Take Tour Master's Transition jacket: This three-quarter-length garment is made from durable Carbolex and Ballistic Polyester and features a waterproof barrier to keep you dry. A zip-out, quilted cold-weather liner provides good insulation, and there are numerous vents to keep what Tour Master calls a "pipeline" of air flowing around your body when the sun comes out. The chest vent is even designed to be waterproof so you can leave it open when it's pouring, helping the inner shell wick away perspiration.

I was a tough convert to a non-leather riding garment, but the way the fabric conformed to my body after just a few rides along with CE-approved elbow and shoulder armor and the very practical 1-inch Phoslite reflective strip across the upper back made this jacket too sensible to leave in the closet. Unlike many textile garments on the market, this suit didn't make me nervous about crash protection-the build quality is that evident.

Drawbacks? Well, after 15,000 all-weather miles, the jacket is starting to look tired, losing some of its shape and displaying a few frayed edges. But for $149.99, it can be replaced far more cheaply than leather.

Tour Master Transition Jacket
Price: $149.99
**Contact: Tour Master

4 stars out of 5
Pleasantly affordable and well-made all-weather
jacket that does everything well but age.