TMarkus Workshop Plus

One of the most challenging and rewarding part of bike building is the paint
TM Workshop Plus is the place to learn "Hands On" what it takes to paint like a Pro

There is no greater satisfaction in being able to say that you designed and painted your own motorcycle.

For those who would like to the learn skills or add to their knowledge of motorcycle painting TM Workshop Plus is the place to learn what it takes to paint like a Pro. No matter what your skill level or experience This workshop is designed to teach you, using your own motorcycle parts, a "Hands On" Personal one on one learning experience.


  • Learn the tools, materials, terminology and familiarize with the shop environment
  • You determine what you want to accomplish for your paint project
  • You layout what design or style you would like do on your bike
  • Hands on prep of your project for the Primer application
  • Primer is applied by TM techs and readied for the next session
  • Hands on block sanding and final preparation of your parts for the paint
  • Your parts are painted or clear coated as needed by TM techs for the next session
  • Parts are painted again or clear coated by our TM tech
  • Clear coat is prepped for the final clear or other custom details are done
  • Project parts are sprayed by TM tech
  • Polishing basics are taught.
  • Final polishing is done by TM tech
  • You may take as many sessions as you like to complete and refine your project and hone your skills.

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Hands on polishing work may be done by participants after taking the advanced polishing session. Color matching and paint mixing principles will be taught.

Polishing principles and skills will be taught and demonstrated. Special techniques and skill classes will be offered to advanced participants. These are Pinstriping. Masking. Decal application and polishing.

Spray booth Painting techniques and skills will be discussed and taught to participants. All actual hands on Paint Booth work must be performed by TM techs due to liability.

Paint booth time is and not limited to:
Application of Primer / base coat
Application of paint color
Application of Top or Clear coat