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Touch-screen technology like that used in smartphones has revolutionized the way people interact with electronics—unless you’re a motorcyclist wearing gloves. With Thumb Dogs you can keep your gloves on. These nifty little stretchy caps slip over your gloved fingertips and have conductive material on the underside that allows you to operate any touch-sensitive device.

Touch-screen Thumb Dogs come in packs of four: one for each thumb and one for each index finger. They’re also available with little nubs at the end for keypads. The elastic material keeps them in place, but it gets tired over time and you have to be careful when removing your gloves as it’s easy to pull off and lose a Dog. You also have to be careful while mating Velcro flaps on gloves and jackets, as the delicate conductive material gets snagged and threads are easily pulled from the fabric. Even when torn-up and dirty from regular use, our Thumb Dogs still work as advertised and have made daily life a little easier.

You can expect to get about two weeks of service out of a set of Thumb Dogs before you lose them all. That means they’re not the most economical accessories for daily use, but they’re still a great investment for a weekend trip or short tour. We hope to see a more durable and permanent version of this technology incorporated into gloves in the near future.

Thumb Dogs
Price: $12.99
Contact: Thumb Dogs
Verdict: 4.5 out of 5 stars
A simple and effective solution for using iPhones and the like.
Thumb Dogs are lost as easily as earplugs, so wear them on your dominant hand instead of both paws and you’ll get more mileage out of a single pack.