Three Special Ducati Scramblers Unveiled at 2015 Motor Bike Expo

A look at the first three customized Ducati Scramblers from Deus Ex Machina, Officine Mermaid and Mr. Martini.

A world exclusive presentation of the first three Ducati Scrambler specials takes place this weekend at the Verona, Italy, Motor Bike Expo. These first creations are just a starting point for further joint projects, the aim being to highlight the Ducati Scrambler's versatility and infinite customization potential.   According to Ducati, the Scrambler universe is characterized by freedom of expression, sharing and passion, and the first three customizers were given a clear brief based on those characteristics. Each builder was free to interpret one of the three versions of the Ducati Scrambler according to their own personal style. Deus Ex Machina from Milan put forward their idea for the Full Throttle; Officine Mermaid from Milan interpreted the Urban Enduro in their own special way, while Mr. Martini from Verona created their very own Classic. Three original bikes, conscientiously prepared down to the very last detail, have been produced, underlining the superlative standards of Italian workmanship in the specials field and the vast potential this bike has for customization.

Filippo Bassoli (Deus Ex Machina): "We'd been waiting for the Ducati Scrambler for some time: in 2010 we did some drift riding with bikes on the Harold Park horse-race track in Sydney together with our friends from Ducati and back then we promised that a Deus creation would be made by developing one of their models. And today we've maintained that promise thanks to the Ducati Scrambler. We finally found a bike made with vintage inspiration but with the DNA and technical features of a real motorcycle, naming it 'Hondo Grattan' after the horse that won everything on the Harold Park race-track.

Nicola Martini (Mr. Martini): "I decided to take part in the project because I was fascinated by the idea of working with this Italian brand and in particular by the opportunity of working with the young, dynamic and easygoing Scrambler team. Thanks to the bike's versatility, I decided to revolutionize the basic concept, from Ducati Scrambler to Café Racer. The style is reminiscent of American rather than British design, owing partly to the fact that the roots of the original Ducati Scrambler project date from the '70s."

Dario Mastroianni (Officine Mermaid): "We decided to customize the Ducati Scrambler because we immediately earmarked it as a uniquely convertible Italian bike. We've infused it with our unmistakeable Officine Mermaid style, with a kind of rough-and-ready look that's spartan and basic. We named it using the English word 'Scratch' to convey the idea of it being scraped or damaged. This can be seen straight away from the fuel tank, which we stripped of paint and treated by hand – a procedure we use only on our most exclusive bikes."

The Ducati Scrambler Icon, available in yellow and red, is joined by three other versions – Urban Enduro, Full Throttle and Classic – which interpret the spirit of the Ducati Scrambler in different stylistic and functional ways. The Urban Enduro, with its Wild Green color scheme is aimed at those who love the enduro style and are ready to switch from road to off-road in an instant. The Full Throttle is for the rider who's fascinated by the flat track racing world and has a penchant for pushing things to the limit. And the Classic is for those who love the details and style of the '70s but don't want to forego the riding pleasure and comfort of a contemporary bike.