Texas Doughboys Complete 2900-Mile Tour From San Antonio To Seattle

From the June 1922 issue of Motorcyclist magazine

Seattle, May 28. -Two soldiers from Kelly field, San Antonio, Tex., L.A. Adams and V. Neilan, rolled into town yesterday on their Indian motors, having covered the 2,900 miles of highway between the two cities in 16 riding days. No speed was attempted, the doughboys frankly stating that they loafed along. Adams will continue on to Yakima to visit friends while Neilan has some social calls to make at Mt. Vernon.

Leaving San Antonio,-the “Alamo City” according to a pennant on their machines-on May 2, they entered Los Angeles just ten days afterward. After sightseeing there it took them just six days to motor up the Coast.

As to road conditions, there were no good words from the army men for the going in Texas, while Arizona was reported as just fair. But, after Los Angeles was reached, all the rest of the trip was a boulevard.

At night stops the men pitched camp and slept out in an army “pup” tent. Punctures there were some, but no mechanical trouble, they reported.

“One of the funny things about our trip,” said Adams, “was that our motors used exactly the same amount of gas for the tour, although they were considerably different in displacement. I rode a 1920 Scout while Neilan’s ‘bus’ is a 1917 Powerplus. We both averaged 60 miles to the gallon and we figure that Neilan got such good mileage by having his machine overhauled before we started while the Scout got under way ‘as was.’”

Top-Ted Wiggins (right) of Mercer’s, Seattle, greeting Neilan (center) and Adams, the Texas doughboys, after their 2900-mile hike. Lower left-On the Superior Highway, outside Globe, Ariz. Center-A famous landmark near Deming, N.M. Right-At Junction City, Tex., this stream was forded 12 times in one mile