Tested: Ronzo Power Bank Battery Pack

A Handy Booster Battery For On-The-Go Charging Of Your Mobile Devices

Ronzo Power Bank
The Ronzo Power Bank can provide back-up power for most mobile devices that you carry on a ride.Motorcyclist

As we rely more and more on our cell phones, the dreaded low-battery warning becomes even more of a concern. I’ve reduced my low-battery anxiety by keeping a Ronzo Power Bank handy. This little module is essentially a booster battery that I can tap in to anytime my phone (or other device) needs a little extra juice. It’s proven super handy at the track and while on the road.

The 3000mAH lithium-ion pack is about twice as large as the battery in my smartphone and easily restores my phone to 100 percent from just about dead. The Power Bank turns on automatically when you plug into it, and there is a digital display that indicates the charge status, though I’ve found the readout to be unreliable below 30 percent. The unit comes with a two-in-one charging cable with a USB adapter at one end and a micro USB/Apple Lightning adapter at the other.


Price: $20 Contact: [ronzopower.com][]


Verdict: Convenient, portable power. A real lifesaver.