Tested: CruzTools Outback’r M14 Multi-Tool

Handy, Compact and Worth its Weight in Practicality

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CruzTool's Outback'r M-14 multi-tool©Motorcyclist

We've all been there: stuck on the side of the road, running late and in dire need of a wrench to re-attach your shift linkage which has mysteriously decided to loosen itself during your morning commute to the office. Fumbling through the factory toolkit has left you with nothing but frustration, seeing as how your bike's previous owner pillaged the wrenches for his own collection.

While the CruzTool's Outback'r multi-tool isn't exactly a rollaway tool chest in the palm of your hand, it is a combination of 14 of the most commonly required tools, neatly organized in a durable and space-efficient package. A few sockets, screwdrivers, hex wrenches, and spoke wrenches are all neatly loaded into the unit, which measures a convenient 3.5" long and weighs a modest 9 ounces.

Easily stowable under your seat or in your pocket, the CruzTools Outback'r multi-tool serves as a favorable gadget for when you find yourself in a bind. While it is helpful, the compact size can also mean that it may not work in every application, but will most definitely be a welcomed addition to any existing toolkit. Whether you're surfing the concrete on your way to work or exploring the next rugged fire road, you'll be happy to know that you're carrying a practical tool to help keep you out of trouble.

For those who own bikes with imperial hardware, help is also available to you in the form of the Outback'r H13, which combines the same screwdrivers with standard US-sized hex wrenches and sockets.


Price: $19.95
Contact: cruztools.com


Having the tool you need in a pinch is priceless!