Takai (division of WeaponX Performance) Performance Ignition Components for PowerSport Applications


With the most experience in the industry when it comes to late model ignition components, TAKAI ENGINEERING, a subsidiary of WeaponX Performance Products LTD, is proud to announce it's new lineup of performance powersport ignition components. Used by several professionals to improve engine horsepower by as much as 5hp through the rpm band, including the top Honda team in Dutch Superbike, TaKai components use the latest design techniques to deliver the best performance possible in it's class. Each components is designed to provide the most power, the highest efficiency and utmost reliability. One such product are the TaKaI MRaikou Ignition Coils.


TaKaI's M-RAIKOU Ignition coils provide the latest features such as multiple spark discharge events for improved engine performance and mileage benefits and a high output "X2 focal core" which is used in conjunction with internal super conductors allowing the coil to focus the energy field in the ignition coil for a longer, hotter and higher efficiency spark event.

The materials used and the overall design of the TAKAI M-RAIKOU coils are also made to dramatically reduce energy loss via hysteresis (energy loss in an ignition circuit) vs OEM designs ensuring greater engine response, mileage and performance characteristics from your engine. As a result, energy is increased at the spark gap allowing more power to be released in all of your combustion events ensuring the TAKAI M-RAIKOU coils start your engine easier, delivers more engine horsepower, response and mileage benefits.

Surpassing all others in form and function not only can TAKAI ignition coils improve power output, fuel mileage and part throttle engine characteristics but they also have a proven positive lock spark plug retention mechanism that allows the coil to be screwed onto the spark plug completely eliminating the coil from inadvertently coming loose from the spark plug while increasing ignition coil electrical transfer efficiency to the spark plug.

M Raikou Racing Ignition Coil FEATURES include:
GRIP ignition coil retention mechanism
FOCAL core X2 technology
multiple spark discharge
internal super conductor technology
complete competition level RFI/EMI protection
super high output spark
high quality conductor selections
ultra efficient power transfer connections
CNC profiled positive retention connectors
weather proof 700 desgree dust boots
extended fuel mileage
extended horsepower
interchangeable applications*

For more information and for more products please visit our website at www.takai-racing.com for the latest product releases and information.

M-RAIKOU Super Coils
Partial Application List

Honda, Street Bikes
1999-2009 Honda CBR 600
2000-2001 Honda 929
2002-2003 Honda CBR 954
2004-2010 Honda CBR 1000

Kawasaki, Street Bikes
2000-2010 Kawasaki ZX6
2000-2010 Kawasaki ZX636
1998-2003 Kawasaki ZX9
2004-2009 Kawasaki ZX10
2000-2002 Kawasaki ZX12
2006-2010 Kawasaki ZX14

** Suzuki, Street Bikes**
2001-2010 Suzuki GSXR 600
2002-2010 Suzuki GSXR 750
2001-2010 Suzuki GSXR 1000
1999-2010 Suzuki Hyabusa

Yamaha, Street Bikes
1999-2009 Yamaha R6
2002-2011 Yamaha R1

Honda, Dirt Bikes
All Honda CR125 and CR250 2 stroke bikes
2004-2009 Honda CRF 250
2002-2008 Honda CRF450
2009-2010 Honda CRF450 TBA

Kawasaki, Dirt Bikes
All Kawasaki KX125 and KX250 2 stroke bikes
2004-2010 Kawasaki KX250F
2006-2010 Kawasaki KX450F

KTM, Dirt Bikes
All KTM 125 and 250 2 stroke bikes
2006-2009 KTM SX-F 250
2008-2009 KTM SX-F 450 TBA

Suzuki, Dirt Bikes
All Suzuki RM125 and RM250 2 stroke bikes
2004-2010 Suzuki RMZ250
2005-2010 Suzuki RMZ450

Yamaha, Dirt Bikes
All Yamaha YZ125 and YZ250 2 stroke bikes
2003-2010 YZ250F
2003-2010 YZ450F

*More applications including enduro and 4 wheeler are available. Ignition coil part number for cross reference may be required.