"Superbike Family" to air on Discovery HD Theater

Discovery HD Theater will air 6 episodes of “Superbike Family” beginning February 26th. The series depicts Larry Pegram and his family-based racing team as they compete on the AMA Superbike circuit.

Pegram, a career professional motorcycle for the last twenty years juggles his time managing the most successful independent Superbike team on the circuit while at the same time raising two young girls with his wife Heather. His dad Jim works full-time at the team shop, while his mother tends to the books and feeds the crew on weekends.

“The show is about my dream of becoming a Superbike Champion. Actually, it’s our dream. My parents have been helping me race motorcycles since I was a kid and they’re still here at every race working on the crew. My mechanics are the best and are so committed to this team. They do as much if not more than teams who have twice the manpower. We even have sponsors that after writing the check, help out on the weekends working in the pits. It’s definitely a family effort and we’re real proud of what we have accomplished going up against the factory teams. It’s not easy but all of us are chasing our dream.”

For a look at the show, check out this video:

The “Superbike Family will initially air at these following dates and times:

Saturday, February 26th

11am - Superbike Family Ep. 1
11:30am - Superbike Family Ep. 2

Saturday, March 5th

11am - Superbike Family Ep. 3
11:30am Superbike Family Ep. 4

Saturday, March 12th

11am - Superbike Family Ep. 5
11:30am Superbike Family Ep. 6