Wild Motorcycle Stunts In Downtown Los Angeles

Robbie Maddison and Tyler Bereman take a dream ride on the streets of LA in this wild Red Bull video.

Just a couple of guys having fun in Los Angeles.Garth Milan/Red Bull

Robbie Maddison and Tyler Bereman are a content creator’s dream. They both make freestyle riding look effortless, pulling off huge stunts with a level of style and grace that’s mind-boggling. This also makes them the perfect pair for Red Bull’s latest moto video, Duct Out, in which Maddison and Bereman dominate portions of Los Angeles during a legendary ride to escape rush-hour gridlock.

Some of the landmarks you might notice? LA City Hall, Upper South Grand Avenue, the Los Angeles River. Around the 4:00 minute mark you’ll also see an epic, suspension-taxing drop-in that is absolutely bonkers.

But for Maddison, it’s not surprising. He’s pulled backflips over the Tower Bridge in London and “surfed” his bike on the waves in Tahiti, among countless other jaw-dropping stunts. Bereman comes from a racing background but in recent years has turned more to freestyle, and wins in the Best Whip and other X Games events suggest he made a good career choice.

Clearing the gap with style.Garth Milan/Red Bull

So, if you’ve got around five minutes to kill and want to enjoy some incredible riding through the streets and back alleys of Los Angeles, give the video above a watch. It’ll be time well spent.