2018 Suzuki RMX450Z

Trailbike heart, racebike soul

2018 Suzuki RMX450Z
2018 Suzuki RMX450ZCRS

Based on Suzuki’s big-bore motocross technology but equipped for trail riding, the RMX450Z delivers stout performance with niceties such as electric starting, 12-volt lighting, and instrumentation. Although the RMX’s 499cc single shares its oversquare bore and stroke dimensions with the RM-Z450 racer, the tuning of the trailbike’s engine is noticeably different. It has a lower compression ratio and a smaller fuel-injection throttle body, mellowing the performance to make mastering difficult terrain easier. Somewhat surprisingly, its 1.6-gal. tank carries no more fuel than does the motocross bike, but the calmer tuning should translate to more miles between fill-ups.

Advantages for the RMX450Z that sometimes go unrecognized are its EPA-compliant engine and exhaust system, the aforementioned electric starter with a backup kickstarter, and a six-month warranty, which can be boosted with a factory extended warranty. The key disadvantage for the RMX is its 25-pound heavier wet weight (272 versus 247 for the RM-Z450). But for trail riders, that’s a modest penalty for much greater flexibility.

Likes: Electric starting, off-road lighting, and instrumentation, plus an EPA-compliant engine.

Dislikes: Needs a bigger fuel tank, and, hey, Suzuki, how about a street-legal version?

Verdict: If you're more of an off-roader than a racer, here's your Suzuki RM.

2018 Suzuki RMX450Z Specs and Pricing

MSRP $8,999

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