2018 Indian Scout Bobber

Short, dark, and handsome

2017 Indian Scout Bobber
2018 Indian Scout BobberCRS

Black, black, and more black. This famous Ford Model T-esque color palette—along with a special headlight nacelle, bobbed fenders, twin taillights, a side-mounted license plate, and unique eight-spoke cast aluminum wheels—defines the new Scout Bobber. Full of attitude, this is a machine that Indian wants to intersect with what bearded bike builders have been doing in recent years: fitting oversize, boldly lugged front and rear tires, slamming the chassis to street level, and giving the dark treatment to everything that doesn’t move (and some parts that do). We’d call the operation a success.

In front is a racing-inspired cartridge fork with 4.7 inches of travel, while in back are cantilevered dual shocks offering just 2 inches of travel. We’re all for looking cool and such, but the Scout Bobber’s aggressive cocktail of a low ride height (the seat is only 25.6 inches off the deck), a fairly low-rise handlebar, and forward-mounted footpegs and controls, make this something of a one-trick pony. Its home is in the city—and on preferably smooth streets at that.

Likes: Fat 16-inch dual-sport-style tires are just begging to go hooligan flat-tracking.

Dislikes: Someone please put this great engine in a great chassis.

Verdict: Inch by inch, Indian is taking back Harley territory, with the Scout Bobber directly attacking the Sportster Forty-Eight.

2018 Indian Scout Bobber Specs and Pricing

MSRP $11,499

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