2018 Ducati Monster 821

A middleweight Monster

2018 Ducati Monster 821
2018 Ducati Monster 821CRS

Four decades ago, the Cycle magazine-built Ducati 750 SS that won the Daytona Superbike race displaced 883cc and kicked out 90 hp on the dyno—terrific numbers for the day. Fast-forward to 2018, and the Monster 821 displaces 821cc and delivers a claimed 109 hp. The point is, with its extra punch and the massive advancements in suspension and brake technology that have occurred over the years, this bike could have gapped the original AMA Superbike field, complete with sidestand, mufflers, turn signals, and all. That's some kind of middleweight Monster.

The Testastretta 11º engine drives through a six-speed gearbox with a standard quickshifter that allows clutchless upshifts once you’re underway. A slipper clutch helps ensure silky downshifts, and a suite of electronic aids include multiple riding and power modes, ABS, and traction control. And happily, the service interval for this liquid-cooled desmo is a relatively long 18,000 miles. A particularly nice addition is a full-color TFT instrument panel with a crisp, clean layout.

Likes: Terrific power and handling, modest price.

Dislikes: Stingy passenger perch, outdated halogen headlight.

Verdict: Plenty of naked swagger with a nice tie-in to Ducati history.

2018 Ducati Monster 821 Specs and Pricing

MSRP $11,995

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