Splitlath Team To Continue with EBR 1190RS at Isle of Man TT

The closure of Erik Buell Racing has not stopped Mark Miller and the Joe Rocket-backed Splitlath team from returning to IOMTT.

In spite of the recent closure of Erik Buell Racing, the Splitlath racing recently announced that they will continue to field the Splitlath EBR 1190RS for the second year in a row at the Isle of Man TT, the only team that will be flying the EBR colors for 2015. With Mark Miller again in the pilot seat and support from Joe Rocket and Motion Pro, the team is excited to kick off another year with the EBR.

Practice at IOMTT has been a struggle, however, as the Splitlath EBR seized an engine at the end of the third practice session. Miller described the incident in a post on his Facebook page:

"Got out on the big EBR for two fairly solid and entry-level quick laps, one of which I had to follow another rider for a couple miles spraying oil all over the front of my bike, windscreen, and visor. Not good.

"Came into pits after two laps to change our rear Pirelli to the softer compound that we'll be racing with. Each tire worth two laps before requiring a change. Went back out and felt pretty good, was on pace through the first few sectors on a time that would have seen us well reach over 120mph lap. Coming into a tight right-hand corner at the end of Glen Helen, the bike pitched full-lock sideways entering the corner. I thought I might have dropped down into first gear by accident.

"I could see a group of marshals staring at me as I was about to slide right into them. I thought I was crashing, to be honest. I kinda feathered the clutch and scrubbed the speed as I looked away from the men standing there, focusing on where I wanted to turn to, not where I didn't want to end up.

"Long story short, too late, I saved the big long slide and re-entered the race track in one piece only to have my engine seize all the way to a stop 15 seconds later. Didn't get my second run in which is super disappointing as I felt we were on pace."

Repairs have been made and practice laps for the Splitlath team are back on schedule.