Spidi Pro H2Out Jacket, Leatt-Brace Neck Brace, Scorpion EXO-1000, And More - Future Gear - MC Garage

To balance all the blue-sky mining in this issue, it only makes sense to feature some of the futuristic, high-tech gear/hardware out there. Although there's plenty of cool prototype bits and pieces bubbling just below the for-sale surface and due to come to market in the next 12 months, we've opted to highlight only the stuff you can buy right now. Well, heck, you're very welcome. We do it all for you.

Spidi Granturismo
Pro H2Out Jacket

High-tech textile jackets seem to be all the rage in '08, and Spidi's all-new Gran Turismo Pro H2Out jacket fits the bill perfectly. Jam-packed with cool new technology, the GT includes a trick venting system featuring molded inner tubes that channel air across the rider's body; built-in chest, spine, elbow and shoulder armor; Spidi's exclusive H2Out waterproof/breathable membrane; a thermal inner liner that can be worn separately; a durable, Teflon-treated nylon outer shell; four interior-and five exterior-pockets; reflective striping; and Spidi's Superrider feature, which allows the owner to personalize the jacket's exterior with a small, hook-and-loop patch. Available only in black in sizes M (36) to 3XL (48-50), the GT retails for $999.95.www.motonation.com

Leatt-Brace Neck Brace
You've seen top motocross and roadracing stars wearing the Leatt-Brace neck-brace system, and now you can get one for yourself. The Leatt-Brace is basically a Nylon and/or carbon-fiber/Kevlar structure with a padded interior for comfort and a padded thoracic member that runs down along the wearer's spine. It works with all sorts of helmets and chest protectors (though some may need slight modification) and helps prevent all sorts of disagreeable head and neck movements, including hyperflexion (forward and lateral), hyperextension, axial loading, head deceleration and many other types of ugly head and neck impacts. Both adult and junior sizes are offered at retail prices between $395 and $995.www.leatt-brace.com

Scorpion Sports
EXO-1000 Helmet
**Remember the Nike Pump shoe? Scorpion has taken the custom-fit air-pump idea and incorporated it into its new EXO-1000, a fiberglass/Kevlar-shelled helmet featuring DOT/Snell certification and a host of cool features. These include inflatable cheek pads for a custom fit, a retractable sun visor so you needn't change shields in bright sunlight, a no-fog faceshield, a wind-tunnel-tested aerodynamic shape, a removable and washable inner liner and an adjustable venting system. The 1000 is available in several color and graphic treatments in sizes XS to 2XL, and retails from $299.95 to $329.95.

Dainese W-Frame Racing Suit And Delmar Jacket
**A totally new venting system and a host of new materials and applications highlight Dainese's new W-Frame race suit, which offers what the company calls "the greatest freedom of movement and the highest level of comfort." The vent system is anchored by the upper-back aero hump, which contains air inlets that feed atmosphere to critical areas of the suit. Strategic perforation adds to the cooling effects, while Dainese's new 3D Bubble liner creates an actual air cushion between the suit's supple, D-Skin leather and the wearer's body that maintains "a fresh and aerated microclimate all year around." There's also extruded-titanium shoulder protection and a built-in chest protector. $1999. The Delmar Jacket uses much of the same technology, including the super-soft D-Skin hide, titanium/composite shoulder, elbow and hump armor, the 3D Bubble liner and the ability to also fit Dainese's Neck 5 neck support. $799. Available at dealers everywhere.

Med Flash
**Question: If you crash, are hurt and are alone, how will emergency personnel know your medical history-drug allergies, heart or respiratory problems, emergency contacts, etc.-while you're worked on and/or transported? Answer: They won't. Unless, of course, you're carrying one of these-Connectyx's Med Flash, a flash-drive emergency lifesaving device that holds all your medical information so emergency personnel will be better able to treat you. Simply save your information onto one of five medical screens and save to the flash drive, which connects to your computer's USB port. Med Flash is available in either Keychain/Pendant ($49.95) or Card ($64.99) versions. Don't leave home without one.