Special offer! pre-order for limited edition 2012 Vemar Eclipse Metha KTM orange/black graphic

Now is that not the most stunning KTM graphic helmet you ever saw or what?!?!?!?!!?
Graphic pictured on a 2011 Eclipse.

* Deadline for orders is October 1st. No minimum...no maximum either. ;)
* Helmets will be manufactured in November, ship to the USA in December and arrive in the USA in January 2012.
* 2012 prices per the attached price list. $475 retail.
* Equipped with a clear shield, tinted shields optional.
* Note the 2012 Eclipse line has been re-sized. No longer do you need to order one size up!
* Available in sizes from XS thru XXL.
* Live on Motonation's B2B site.

Contact your sales rep for details.