2015 KTM RC390: Fresh Meat In The MC Garage! | DOIN’ TIME

New Long-Term: Are you a big fan of small sportbikes?

WRIST: Ari Henning
MSRP (2015): $5499
MILES: 869
MPG: 54
MODS: None

I'm a big fan of small bikes. No aspect of motorcycling makes me happier than squeezing every last bit of speed out of a small-bore streetbike. Case in point: I've been racing a Honda CBR250R for several years and of the four bikes I own, the largest displaces just 362cc.

That means that the 373cc KTM RC390, that's my latest long termer, will be the biggest bike in my garage. And I'm pretty excited about it. The RC390 (see our First Ride review HERE) is a significant bike for the category; it's proof that manufacturers are taking this class seriously, and it sets a new precedent in terms of style, power, and handling. As I said in my "Off The Record" in our small-bike shootout (School's Out, July MC), this isn't a beginner's bike, it's a small sportbike whose price, size, and performance just happen to be suitable for beginners.

VIDEO: CLICK HERE to see the RC390 in Motorcyclist's On Two Wheels: 2015 Small Sportbike Shootout.

As it stands, I think the RC390 is a fantastic package. Forty horsepower is plenty, and 365 pounds wet is mighty light, but I’m a tinkerer at heart and it won’t be long until I start modifying the bike. In the process I’ll evaluate some of the plethora of aftermarket parts already available for the RC390 and hopefully provide some valuable insight for actual RC390 and 390 Duke owners.

For the time being though, I’ll ride the bike as-is and enjoy banging gears and rolling the throttle to the stop—all without breaking the speed limit.