Shop Gloves | Tools 101

Serious riders have a variety of gloves, and they don’t ride without them. The same holds true of serious mechanics, who don’t hit the garage without a quiver full of gloves. Most common is a regular mechanic’s glove for heavy-duty work. Look for a comfortable, well-vented glove with a good fit. Some picky folks choose an off-road riding glove to get the best fit. You want a glove that will protect your hands from sharp edges. Keep at least two types of surgical gloves in stock. Cheap latex or vinyl gloves are available at pharmacies, home stores and most tool stores in boxes of 100; look for the ones without powder. Use these like tear-offs for dirty jobs such as changing oil or greasing bearings. If you’re working with chemicals or harsh cleaners, you may need nitrile rubber gloves. These are chemical-resistant, so you can use them to wash parts and work on carburetors or gas tanks. If you are lucky enough to have a parts washer or you need to do serious parts cleaning in a bucket, keep a pair of long, heavy PVC gloves for just that purpose. We like the ones with a grippy surface best. A good pair will last years. With the right arsenal of shop gloves, you’ll be eager to jump into dirty projects.