See the 2010 Election Results Now

Congratulations on surviving another election cycle and thank you to all who voted. An additional thank you to all who volunteered on a motorcycle-friendly candidate’s campaign. Your efforts to support those who support motorcyclists are critical to advancing rider interests in public policy.

The 2010 AMA Voter Guide has been updated with election results for federal and gubernatorial candidates. To view the 2010 AMA Voter Guide, sign into the AMA Members Area, here. If you are not yet an AMA member you can join today, online or call 800-AMA-JOIN. The AMA urges all riders to build relationships with their lawmakers. The best way to influence motorcycle-related issues is to establish and maintain positive relationships with elected officials before you need their help.

If you have already started working with an elected official, by volunteering on a campaign or through previous efforts, the AMA would like to hear your story. Please share your activism-in-action photos with a brief summary of your efforts, the candidate and state to

Again, thank you to all who voted for motorcycle-friendly candidates and especially to those who volunteered. Do not forget to check out the 2010 AMA Voter Guide results, available by signing in here.

P.S. Forgot to order your Vote Like A Motorcyclist gear from the AMA? It is not too late! To access Vote Like A Motorcyclist campaign T-shirts, pins and posters, click here.