S-Cargo Strap | MC Tested

The cab of the pickup truck we use to shuttle bikes around is a multi-colored mess of tie-downs, soft ties and Canyon Dancers. Pulling a tie-down from the tangle is like unraveling your iPhone’s headphones. Often it takes longer to liberate a few straps than it does to load and tie down a bike!

|| |---| | | The S-Cargo Strap has eased our frustration. The modified tie-down uses a zippered neoprene pouch around the buckle to keep the hooks and strap ends from getting into any altercations with other cargo accessories. Invest a few seconds in stuffing the strap into the pouch when you’re done using it and the next time you need to secure a bike it’ll be ready and waiting. No knots, hang-ups or muttered curses.

The pouch’s benefits extend into the bed of the truck, too. The soft fabric of the pouch prevents the buckle from scratching bodywork, and rather than tying off strap ends to keep them from flailing around in the wind you can tuck everything into the pouch. The straps are made with quality components like steel cam buckles, rubber-coated hooks and nylon webbing rated to 1800 pounds.

Available with standard hook ends, soft-tie ends and carabineers, the S-Cargo Strap has all your cargo securing needs covered. Already have your own tie-downs? The little pita-pocket pouches are available separately so you can upgrade your existing equipment.

S-Cargo Strap
PRICE: $29.95-$39.95 per pair
Contact: S-Cargo Strap
Verdict - 5 out of 5 stars
A simple product that saves you time and saves you from frustration.