Road Safety Should Be Your Number One Priority This Summer

Toronto, Ont.: Dodging potholes won't be the only thing causing you stress while driving this summer. Debris and loose cargo from truck beds and trailers can cause major accidents for you and your fellow travellers. Improper securement and tie-down of recreational vehicles and cargo is a real danger and can be easily avoided by the following Steadymate Travel Tips. Steadymate by Kinedyne, THE name behind the pros in the trucking industry for over 40 years, gives advice on how to use tie-down and cargo equipment the right way. Steadymate Travel Tips: * Pick Premium Products: When you are transporting your valuable equipment, don't try to save money and buy cheap securement systems (like rope or bungee cords) that won't do the job properly and efficiently. Choose premium products that have a manufacturer's certified rating - and make sure the rating matches your needs. Steadymate is a premium line that is over engineered to exceed current government regulations. This means they go beyond the standards so that you are covered.

  • Tie-Down Straps: Tie-down straps are an essential tool for securing a motorcycle, ATV, boat or personal watercraft while in transit. Regardless of what recreational vehicle you are securing, owners should be using two pairs of tie-down straps - one pair securing the front and a second pair securing the rear of the vehicle. Steadymate recommends that each one (of the four straps) be rated to secure the "entire" weight of your recreational vehicle. It's not uncommon that, during a sharp turn, one strap will be called upon to take the brunt of the duty of restraining your load.

  • Securement Points: Does your trailer or pick-up truck have suitable securement points that are structural members of the pick-up or trailer's body? Are they rated? If none exist, consider installing a Securement Point Kit or Track Kit. Steadymate offers a variety of kits all of which are tested and approved at limits higher than any tie-down they make. If you don't use a Steadymate kit remember the lower rating of the two items (tie-down or securement kit) dictate the overall rating of what you are securing. For example if a trailer floor fitting is rated for 400 lbs and your tie down is rated for 1000 lbs the local authorities look at the overall rating as a 400 lbs solution. NOTE: Ratings are in Working Load Limit (WLL), which is 1/3 of breaking strength - this is a Ministry standard.

  • Load Your Cargo in Order: Plan in advance how you want to load your cargo - this will help reduce frustration and save on time. Remember to start with your heaviest items and load them against the front wall of the trailer or near the cab of your pick-up truck. This prevents your heavy items from building momentum if an emergency braking situation arises. This type of solution may save your life in the event of an accident. Load the lightest items closest to the tailgate or back of the trailer and ensure that they are secured down to prevent light items from bouncing out (ever wonder how only one shoe is seen on the side of the highway?).

  • Securing Your Exposed Items: When you are transporting exposed items and you want to ensure that the goods don't shift, a cargo bar or truck net will suit your needs as they can be adjusted in size for any situation. This will keep your cargo (i.e. BBQs, lawn chairs and other cottage essentials) secured in your truck bed and not on the side of the highway. This will also prevent a sudden weight shift in your vehicle when you make turns that could result in a swerve taking you into lanes you did not intend.

Please take the proper safety measures and carefully secure your recreational vehicle and cargo. Following the Steadymate Travel Tips and using premium rated products like the Steadymate Cinchtite Straps, Cargo Bar and Pick-Up Truck Net will help to secure your equipment for transport but most importantly, keep passengers safe and comfortable.

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