Rizoma Improves on the Diavel!

RIZOMA is pleased to introduce a new line of accessories for the Ducati Diavel. A bike with the style and performance of the Diavel presents both opportunity and challenge for the R&D; team and RIZOMA. The opportunity to build on such a gorgeous and notable platform comes with the challenge of creating components that improve the function and look of an already great bike. The RIZOMA R&D; team has proven equal to the task.

For a more aggressive riding position, RIZOMA offers a handlebar with a lower and flatter position and rearset foot controls that are adjustable to fit rider preference.

For protection the team created a complete set of guards including sliders for radiator, frame, engine and wheel along with an additional guard for the water pump.

The Diavel can be dressed up with billet frame hole caps, reservoir covers, rear shock adjuster knob, sprocket cover and a choice of two license plate brackets.

And of course there is the wide selection of universal components such as mirrors, grips, levers, fluid tanks, oil caps and fuel caps to complete the look.

Please see the attached product overview for details on some of the great new components.

No doubt RIZOMA has the new Diavel covered. To see details about the complete line of RIZOMA components, visit www.rizoma.com.