Riding in Cooler Climes No Longer Means Cold Hands

Storming the Streets

Barkbusters, the Australian hand guard specialist offers an innovative accessory to protect the street motorcycle rider's hands from the elements in the colder months.

The Storm street bike hand guard has been designed from the ground up to provide weather protection for street bikes, facilitate easy fitting and removal, and complement the lines of the machine.

The plastic guard section is aerodynamically shaped and large enough to protect the hands and fingers from the cold and rain while retaining a stylish appearance. Four Storm product options are available covering a wide selection of naked and sports motorcycles as well as scooters; the hardware varies depending on the make and model - a full application list is available at www.barkbusters.net/products/what-fits-my-bike.html

Two finishes are available for the Barkbusters Storm hand guard: black and chrome.

Barkbusters CEO, Matthew Phillpott, says, "The creation of the Storm hand guard was driven by demand from riders who frequently asked if our regular hand guards could be adapted for their street motorcycle.

"In the majority of cases this just wasn't possible, so we set about designing a product that would fit as many models as possible. It was also important to make the hand guard simple to fit and remove.

"The feedback so far has been tremendously positive and our customers are genuinely surprised at the difference it has made to their comfort in cooler conditions. Our mission now is to inform motorcyclists around the world that a street bike hand guard actually exists!" Barkbusters street bike hand guards are suitable for all types of two-wheeled transport, including scooters, street bikes, cruisers and dual-sport machines.

Distributed in the USA by Twisted Throttle:

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RRP for most Storm street bike models is US$99.99
For further information about Barkbusters products please visit: www.barkbusters.net