R&G products for Ducati Multistrada 1200

Twisted Throttle loves the Multistrada 1200

Bolt-on protection is cheap insurance against damage caused by tip-overs and other calamities. R&G; Racing sets the bar high when it comes to manufacturing innovative crash protection. Modern CNC machining, aircraft-grade metals and other quality materials allow the company to produce the toughest, most functional front-to-rear motorcycle protection.

R&G; makes several products for the Multistrada 1200, including two types of frame sliders, front and rear axle sliders, bar end sliders, engine case protectors, an aluminum radiator guard and a fender eliminator.

**R&G; Frame Sliders**
Frame sliders take the brunt of the impact during a fall, which is why R&G; constructs their sliders from heavy-duty machined steel and aluminum. R&G; sliders feature high-density, low friction nylon and a frame mount design that provides maximum support. R&G; also uses special high-tensile steel mounting bolts that withstand the force imposed by the vast majority of crash situations. In the event of an extreme impact, these bolts are designed to bend to prevent frame damage. R&G; frame sliders come in two styles, "Classic" and "Aero". The Classic style has a traditional cylindrical shape, whereas the Aero features an aerodynamic teardrop shape for a stylish, streamlined appearance.

**R&G; Axle Sliders**
R&G; front and rear axle sliders mount through the Multistrada's hollow axles to help eliminate damage during a fall. Front sliders protect the forks and brakes and the rear slider protects the wheel hub and swingarm from crash damage. Precision spacers and high-quality hardware ensure a secure fit.

**R&G; Bar End Sliders**
Bar end sliders help protect the handlebars and upper fairing from damage. R&G; bar end sliders replace the OEM bar end weights with a steel insert and base. A replaceable, high-density nylon end-slider completes the installation.

**R&G; Engine Covers**
R&G; engine covers are an easy and innovative way to protect expensive and vulnerable crank and water pump cases from crash damage. The R&G; engine case covers are vacuum-formed from durable 4mm polypropylene for great protection and good looks. These form-fit, motorcycle-specific covers bolt over the existing OEM covers and install in minutes. R&G; engine covers could save hundreds of dollars in the event of a crash, and they look trick!

**R&G; Radiator Guard**
The Multistrada's radiator is another vulnerable component that needs protection. The R&G; radiator guard is made from pressed aluminum and is a snap to install. The attractive black finish and neat, seamless frame looks terrific while helping to protect the expensive radiator from flying debris.

**R&G; Tail Tidy**
Besides offering products that guard from damage, R&G; also offers a way to improve on the Multistrada's already stunning good looks. The R&G; Tail Tidy fender eliminator kit cleans up the visual clutter of the protruding OEM rear fender and includes an integrated license plate holder and twin LED license plate illumination light. Nice!

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