Remembering Greg McQuide

Remembering Greg
Roberto Benigni, in director Jim Jarmusch's 1986 film Down by Law, intones in heavily accented English, "It is a sad and beautiful world." The phrase describes well the sentiments here at the Motorcyclist headquarters. Greg McQuide's infectious good cheer and unstoppable enthusiasm elevated the 17th floor and reminded every one of us why we ride motorcycles and write about them. Greg married the best aspects of a young guy learning his craft-a gung-ho attitude and willingness to dive into whatever (possibly odious) assignments issued forth from Boehm's den of iniquity-and an uncommon maturity. We are saddened by Greg's passing but reminded of the kindness of the motorcycling community in the outpouring of condolences for Greg's family and co-workers, and praise for his all-too-brief body of work in this magazine. Here's what some of his colleagues have to say.

A few words about my friend Greg: Jovial. Kind. Loving. Lovable. Generous. Modest. Funny. Opinionated. Open-minded. Geeky. Enthusiastic. Attentive. Loud. Hard-working. Honest. Energetic. Sensitive. Expressive. Gullible. Practical joker. Genuine. Self-effacing. Gregarious. Vibrant. Scholarly. Optimistic. Effervescent. Thorough. Intense. A true enthusiast.-Evans Brasfield, feature editorMotorcycle Cruiser, Sport Rider

Greg McQuide stands at the very top of the many good guys and women I've worked with in this business. In terms of enthusiasm, effort, dedication, hard work and joy of life, Greg was the best. I will miss him so much.-James BrownContributing Photographer And King Of Soul

My first impression of Greg was, "Is this guy for real?" The truth and beauty about knowing Greg was understanding just how pure of heart he was. Every day, Greg would say, "Hey kids, thanks for coming." Thank you, Greg, for showing us all how to live life to its fullest.-Pamela Bunn, Editorial Assistant

"Hey man," our friend Kaz gravely counseled McQuide when he pulled in after his first outing at Willow Springs, "you can go as fast as you want out there. You won't get a ticket." Everybody laughed, Greg loudest. Take his favorite advice to himself next time you fail: Get back on the horse that bit you.-John Burns, Senior Editor

Greg would come rushing into my office with his enthusiasm, which I resented at first but I'll be damned if the kid didn't eventually win me over with his ebullience. That's what I'll miss the most among other things. He was an exclamation point in a department of semicolons. He was bold, in italics. He loved his job. He loved life. Greg will be sorely missed.-Andy CherneyAssociate Editor, Motorcycle Cruiser

I was with Greg when he casually wrinkled the GSX-R750 for the cameras a few months ago. What most impressed me was Greg's lack of self-criticism. He realized he'd made a mistake, filed the information away and went on about his business with his customary good humor. Lesser men have agonized, pointed fingers and assigned external blame Not Greg.-Marc Cook, Senior Editor

When we spoke on the phone, Greg had a code to let me know if he had time to talk. When he answered with: "Daaarwiiinn!!!! Talk to me!" that meant he had time to BS about bikes or whatever. I'm sure going to miss hearing: "Daaarwiiinn!!!! Talk to me!"-Darwin Holmstrom, Contributing Editor

If I ever became the slightest bit jaded by this job, Greg's boundless enthusiasm and good cheer would always serve as an instant reality check. If anyone ever came away from meeting Greg without being positively affected by his friendly and joyful soul, I'd say something was wrong with him.-Kent Kunitsugu, editor, Sport Rider

Few of us will ever be as lucky as Greg. He had his dream job and worked tirelessly at it. He had the respect of his coworkers, who teased him as often as possible. I feel as lucky just to have known him.-Laura Milton, Art Director

"Every day is just like Christmas for you, isn't it, Sparky?" This was a phrase I repeated often to Greg. He enjoyed every moment of life to its fullest; a philosophy I've embraced from his example. Greg, I'll miss your smile and the way you made me laugh.-Christine Schuchart, Managing Editor

Here's the recipe for making a world lessened by Greg's loss a little bit better again: Live your life more like Greg lived his. Be kind. Be positive. Have fun. Love what you do and do what you love. Pull pranks. Make people laugh. Leave everyone glad they met you and happy to have you as a friend. It will help.-Kevin Smith, Editorial Director

When a star dies, its light continues to shine across the universe. The lives that star touched remain brightened forever. Greg would always tell me, "You are so lucky to have this job." No, Greg-I was lucky to know you. All of my love. Kudos.-Allison Soled, Copy EditorMotorcycle Cruiser, Sport Rider

Greg made working in the Motorcycle Group fun for everyone, as his infectious enthusiasm turned even a trip down the street for lunch into an adventure. He was truly one of the nicest people anyone could have the pleasure of knowing.Andrew TrevittAssociate Editor, Sport Rider

Greg looked at life through rose-colored glasses. He never took them off. He affected people with his enthusiasm, energy, spirit and generosity. I feel fortunate to have met him.-Kevin WingContributing Photographer