rekindling the Thrill of Motorcycling | The Promise Is Alive

How better to rekindle the thrill of motorcycling than with a carefree ride on a warm summer afternoon? The promise of such moments is, after all, why one doggedly hangs on to a beloved motorcycle, even though life seems overflowing with responsibility and over-commitment. There may be little time or opportunity to spontaneously saddle up, but as long as the trusty steed stands at the ready, the mere possibility of an occasional ride is like a tonic for the soul.

And on this day, there is a clear sense of purpose. The surprising acceptance by the fetching new receptionist of a Saturday ride confirms the wisdom of holding on to the old bike all these years.

Now where exactly was "Old Red" parked? Oh yes, next to the Banyan sapling in that place in the backyard beyond the rusted-out Weber grill where old machinery waits patiently for a chance to one day be pressed back into valiant service.

But what's this? Surely it hasn't been that long! But, of course, it has. Cold, remorseless nature has taken its course. Apparently, it would seem, beginning with the vertical-twins.

A rethink is in order. This is going to take more than a few hours on the Battery Tender followed by a stab at the eager starter button. Perhaps a can of Marvel Mystery Oil, a squirt of flat fix and shot of starting fluid? Hmmm.

But first: a saw. Now where's the trusty old chainsaw? I feel a sense of purpose stir within that has been missing for far too long.