Racer Gloves USA Announces 2017 Rider Support Program

Send your resumé and you could receive glove sponsorship.

McCabe, KTM
Rider support for gloves is available for Road Racing and Dirt Track in the USA.©Motorcyclist

Racer Gloves USA is now accepting resumes for the 2017 Racer Gloves Rider Support Program. Resumes will be accepted through February 15th, 2017. Rider support for gloves is available for road racing and dirt track in the USA.

If you're an up and coming racer who's been wondering what it takes to receive rider support, the answer is right here in front of you. Racer Gloves USA is looking for riders that have a strong social media presence. If you think you've got the right stuff, submit your resume to Racer and tell them why they should consider you, and how you will help promote Racer Gloves at the races and through your social network of friends, fans and fellow riders. For information on Racer Gloves products visit www.racerglovesusa.com.

Email Hello@racerglovesusa.com
Or mailed to: Racer Gloves Support
16035 Caputo Dr. Suite G
Morgan Hill, CA 95037