RaceAmerica announces XLDrag PRO, Reaction Time Practice on the iPad

RT Practice - Now on the iPad !!!

Why spend $200 bucks on a little plastic box just to practice your reaction time?

Finally ... There's an App for that!

When RaceAmerica sold out of RT50 Practice Trees, we were already busy designing a smaller, more portable version when the iPad was introduced. The problem of practicing your reaction skills is, it can only happen when the equipment is available. Lugging RT practice equipment along with you was not very desirable. Everyone who owns an Apple iPad knows how often it travels with them. The XLDrag PRO app for the iPad combines RaceAmerica's RT50 Practice Tree features with the portability of those little plastic practice boxes. Now the RT practice equipment can travel with you -- with the convenience and size of the iPad.

XLDrag PRO is full featured:
* 1 or 2 Players
* Play against the iPad or against a Set RT
* Five selectable iPad Skill Levels
* Full or Pro Starting Tree
* Transbrake or Gas Pedal style launch
* Perfect RT of 0.000 or 0.400/0.500
* Adjustable Dial-ins for each lane
* Challenging Random Dial-ins
* Adjustable Rollout for each lane
* RT Statistics collected as you practice
* Operational Instructions in the App

Looking for a basic version with 1 or 2 Players and Full or Pro Starting Tree? Try RaceAmerica's XLDrag LITE, a lighter version of the app for the beginner or someone who wants to check it out before trying XLDrag PRO.