Protect Your Ride: Nationwide Offers Riders Tips To Stop Motorcycle Theft

_Columbus, Ohio _- It's a motorcycling nightmare. Gearing up for a ride only to find a favorite two-wheel machine has been the target of aresourceful thief. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau only 25-30 percent of stolen motorcycles are ever recovered, while stolen cars and trucks have a recovery rate of 60-65 percent.

"A record number of motorcyclists are on the road today and many are riding machines with expensive upgrades," says Mitch Roggeman, national sales director for Nationwide Insurance's Property & Casualty Specialty Products. "These riders can thwart theft with a few simple steps and minor expense."

Nationwide, therefore, suggests these five tools for savvy riders looking to protect motorcycles of all shapes and sizes:

. Tracking Technology- Install a tracking system on your motorcycle. If your ride is stolen, the devices use GPS or other locating technology to help police recover your vehicle.

. Disc Brake Locks- These portable, strongly constructed mechanisms lock the wheel of your bike in place, preventing ride and roll away theft. Just don't forget to remove the device before you return to the road.

. Chains- Heavy duty chains are particularly useful if you are riding with a group. A long chain can link the wheels of your bikes together, leaving no individual target.

. Obstacles- Loosen a spark plug cap or shut off the gas so ride away thieves believe they are experiencing mechanical problems. Thieves are more likely to abandon a troublesome machine.

. Location- Park in a well-lit, highly trafficked area. Thieves looking for a quick grab are likely to move on to an easier, less risky target.

Even the most precautious enthusiasts should make sure their vehicles are covered in case of a theft. Nationwide's motorcycle and powersports insurance policies cover theft, collision, vandalism and damage caused by uninsured or underinsured drivers. To learn more about motorcycle insurance or powersports insurance or to find an agent, visit