Polaris Slingshot Flat-Track Hooligan Video

Don’t you just want to slide a slingshot? Yeah, we do too.

The argument has no end: Is the Polaris Slingshot a motorcycle or a three-wheel car? Despite the sticker in the cockpit that legally deems the Slingshot a motorcycle, it sure feels like a car—bucket seats, a steering wheel, and a five-speed gearbox among them. One thing's for sure, it's made to get sideways, what with the fact that it has a Pontiac engine driving power through only one rear tire.

And because Ari and I are the people we are, we decided that while we had Perris Raceway rented for some flat track photos and video, why not burn around the little dirt oval and see just how much fun it would be to do the thing that everyone always wants to when they drive a Slingshot. So we did. Success? You bet.

Quick Specs

PRICE $30,999
CLAIMED WEIGHT 1749 lb. (793kg)
FUEL CAPACITY 9.8 gal. (37.1L)
SEAT HEIGHT very low
CLAIMED TORQUE 166 lb.-ft. @ 4700 rpm