Pirelli Releases New Diablo Corsa III Motorcycle Tires

Press Material courtesy of Pirelli Tire North America


The Diablo product line represents the synthesis of Pirelli's motorcycle-tire philosophy. Thanks to our continuous development work in racing,we have started a revolution in the world of tires, and present the results to every street rider. We race what we sell, we sell what we race.

The Diablo Superbike was the first product born in this new era. Engineers from Pirelli worked in collaboration with professional World Superbikedevelopment teams representing each of the constructors in the World Championship, ensuring that our products offer the best level of performanceon every kind of motorcycle. The final result have been spectacular racing and a demonstration of the versatility of Pirelli products. But themain innovation was our products becoming available to all motorcyclists.

With the Diablo developed in the World Championship arena, its performance is of World Championship level. This tire has now moved beyondthe circuit, and every day meets the needs of every-day motorcyclists. This gives all riders the highest level of performance tires approved by theactions of riders at the highest level in world racing. The significance of the Diablo is it's a tire for all riders. This same principle has now carriedon to the birth of another new product.

The new Diablo Corsa III - Three-Zone Compound - is not a tire solely for elite racers. Pirelli developed it to allow owners of modern supersportmachines to draw full advantage from the benefits of Pirelli being the official supplier to the entire SBK paddock.

The new Diablo Corsa III is a link between the street and the benefits of race-track development: the Diablo III, and its three-zone compound isa tire that marries the needs of the track and the street, allied to a front offering sure and effective performance to all riders.

The Diablo Corsa III gives maximum performance to everyone; the possibility to live out every emotion on the street. In the corners or on the endlessfreeway, on dry surfaces as smooth and grippy as a racetrack, or on a wet and bumpy road.

The performance of the Diablo Corsa III is just as assured for the every-day customer as it is for those with the most extreme demands. It is notcreated only for professionals. It does not need the exaggerated lean angles allowed by its softer shoulder compounds to justify its existence.

What it serves is a rider's passion. It brings out the best in each rider's emotions, enhancing the possibilities of the riding experience.


Developed on racetracks in the European 600 Superstock Championship, the Pirelli Diablo Corsa III is the first street tire with a three-zone compoundfor optimal performance. So remarkable is the Diablo Corsa III, with its three-zone compound, it's a high performance tire at home on thestreet.

The Diablo Corsa III delivers performance as soon as a rider needs it, giving confidence on open roads and top performance in the twisties, withimproved corner entry under hard braking, and improved trail braking. The Diablo Corsa III allows exploitation of a motorcycle's total potential.

The Diablo Corsa III is targeted to the demanding high-performance supersport motorcycle street market. The Diablo Corsa III is the latest fromthe Diablo product line: a range of tires representing the synthesis of Pirelli's high-end high-performance philosophy for motorcycle tires. With itsnew materials, patented zero-degree steel-belt radial structure, and the MIRSTM production process, the Diablo Corsa III offers unparalleledlevels of racetrack performance for the street.


The Diablo Corsa III boasts a complex mix of product features from compound, to carcass structure, to tread pattern. The Diablo Corsa III sets newstandards in the state of the art of compound combinations, offering the best performance across the tire's entire profile. The front Diablo Corsa IIIhas one compound while the rear has two compounds, with three distinct compound zones.

The Diablo Corsa III front tires are made from high rigidity, high hysteresis materials, able to dissipate energy. They provide fast warm-up, increasedgrip, and high traction and braking capabilities. They have a balanced ratio of Silica and Carbon-black to maximize wet and dry grip, and new structuralmaterials designed to offer stable performance at mid & high temperatures, independent of external conditions.On the Diablo Corsa III rears, differential compounds between the shoulders and center zones are engineered to give racing performance on racetrack,and versatile and long-lasting performance on the street. In the central zone, the compound is the same as the Diablo Corsa, while the wideshoulders have a new, softer compound.

This solution gives the Diablo Corsa III reduced shoulder rigidity, high hysteresis, and `softness' at low and high temperatures, guaranteeing fastwarm-up, immediate and continuous grip response entering curves, independent from external, ambient conditions. The wide shoulder angle offersgreater grip starting from low lean angles. High mechanical-resistance materials are used in the central zone, with a high carbon-black charge,providing high traction and high mileage.The Diablo Corsa III's structure was designed to let each pair of tires work in a balanced and synchronous way, with the tires perfectly matchedin motion. ICS (Ideal Contour Shaping) design technology, together with the patented 0-degrees steel belt, keeps the tire profile in the most suitableshape at all times. This assists uniform heat distribution through the tire, progressive feedback at full lean, predictable handling, the ability to hold aline on the racetrack, high-speed directional predictability without under steer, stability under braking, and a feeling of security in all circumstances.

Additionally, Pirelli's MIRSTM production technology allows the production of tires without joints, delivering a perfectly balanced structure withbetter damping properties and improved sidewall stiffness. This eliminates vibrations and provides safe and comfortable riding. The Diablo Corsa IIIuses the same winning tread pattern of the Diablo Corsa.

The Diablo Corsa tread pattern is designed with a functional approach FGD (Functional Groove Design), combining excellent slick like racetrackperformance with great control on wet pavement. On wet surfaces the front tread cuts the water layers to clean the asphalt, whereas the rear tirehas to guarantee grip. This goal is achieved by using a semi-slick area in the middle and on the edge of the rear tire, allowing traction and stabilityin a straight line and confidence at maximum lean angles in the dry. On the street and on the racetrack, transversal grooves between the rear'scentral section and edges disperses residual water, assuring maximum grip, even on very wet surfaces.