Pirelli Adds New Mid Hard 554, Updated Tread Patterns and an Additional Size to the Scorpion MX

New mid-hard terrain tire promises improved traction and power delivery, a newly sized mid-soft tire for 250cc 4-strokes offers less unsprung weight for bike agility, and a new training tire brings high knob-tearing resistance and riding confidence

Fermo, (Italy), September 10, 2011 - Pirelli presented its new Scorpion MX Mid Hard 554 tires and several range modifications related to tread pattern and sizes this week, just after the 56th Motocross World Championship title was secured in Germany. Scorpion MX product line enjoys an extensive heritage of victories, the success of which will continue with added performance from the new MX Mid Hard 554 and specific product modifications resulting from Pirelli's hard work and investments in both the AMA Supercross and the MX1/MX2 classes of the FIM Motocross World Championship.

Since 1980 - its first year in the FIM MX World Championship - Pirelli's high-level racing involvement has represented the driver for growth and continuous improvement all its off-road professional racing tires, up through the latest technologies bearing the SCORPION MX brand. Pirelli has won 56 editions of World MX, including this year's victory in MX1 and MX2 with Red Bull KTM's Tony Cairoli and Ken Roczen.

Today, Pirelli further demonstrated its experience and technology when it presented a renewed range of Scorpion MX tires in new treads and sizes: the MX Mid Hard 554 which replacing the existing MX Mid Hard 454 in a brand new tread pattern; a 110/85-19 size rear of the popular MX Mid Soft 32; the MX eXTra X which replaces the existing MX eXTra with a new front and renewed rear in 18 and 19 inches; and the MX eXTra J which assumes the minicross range of the current MX eXTra.

The updated SCORPION MX line of professional motocross tires is composed of six products to cover all possible terrain applications of most racing circuits of today: the Soft 410, for soft terrains like sand and mud; the Mid Soft 32, for soft to medium terrain such as light mud, loose loam and soil; the Mid Hard 554, for medium to hard terrain such as heavier or hard-packed soil and stones; the Hard 486, for hard and rocky terrain; the eXTra X, for training purpose and semi-pro riding; and the eXTra J, an all round solution for training purpose in minicross sizes for future champions. The relevant naming scheme and products' capabilities make it easy to choose the right tires to suit track conditions.

The new Scorpion MX Mid Hard 554 tires, new 110/85-19 sized MX Mid Soft 32, and new MX eXTra X and eXTra J are now available throughout Pirelli's dealer network. For more information on Pirelli's entire range of Scorpion tires, please visit www.pirelli.com. Find us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/pirelli and follow us on Twitter: @Pirelli_Media.

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