Philippaerts Back Home and Recovering Well

MX1-GP News

Monster Energy Yamaha's David Philippaerts has arrived back at his home north of Milan after almost three weeks in the Klinikum Fichtelgebirge Haus hospital in Selb and three operations to fix his broken right and left wrists. The 2008 MX1-GP World Champion and confident winner of the 2011 Brazilian Grand Prix is now firmly on the road to recovery and was able to speak for the first time about the unfortunate training accident prior to the Grand Prix of Czech Republic on August 2nd.

Philippaerts foresees coming out of the casts in the next two months and if the rehab process continues in a positive way then could ride his YZ450FM factory race bike three months from now.

"It is really good to be home," the 27 year old said. "The Fichtelgebirge Haus was brilliant and I do not think I could have been in a better place. They made me feel as comfortable as possible and the operations went very well. Now I am trying to get back to normal but it is tough at the moment because I need help with everything, eating, getting dressed, getting around the house."

"I don't remember too much about the crash," he continued. "I was trying to do a step-up but lost grip and could not do the jump. The front end went into the ground and I had a lot of pain on my left side from the impact so I think I broke one wrist there. After that I went off the bike and from that point things are difficult to remember."

"I had two operations on the left wrist and one on the right," he adds. "I should have the cast off the right arm in two weeks and then it will be another six before the one on the left should be gone. If all is OK then I should be able to start working but I think it will be two to three months before I am back on the bike."