Our Top 10 Motorcycle Videos of 2016

10: MC Commute, Yamaha XSR900.

It's always interesting to look back at "firsts." Yamaha first started out as a piano manufacturer in 1887 (it didn't build its first motorcycle until 1955), and now the company is one of the most on-the-gas bike brands out there, with fantastic machines like the YZF-R1, FZ-07, and the retro-themed XSR900.

The FZ-09-based XSR was the first bike that Senior Editor Zack Courts rode for what has become a regular "MC Commute" web series. Raw, straightforward, and occasionally rambling, Zack's vlog-style commutes give viewers an experienced professional's take on a variety of bikes. Since Zack recorded his commute on the XSR900 last summer, he's built a library of reviews that include the VFR1200X, Monster 1200 R, Triumph Speed Triple R, and the 959 Panigale, among many others. And while most of his videos plot a path from his home in Costa Mesa, CA, to the Motorcyclist offices in Irvine, he's delivered reports from as far off as Brooklyn, NY, and even Monte Carlo, Monaco.