Oops, We, Did it Again...

OK, so we're not perfect

Despite our former promises to limit ourselves to four (or was it three?) martinis with lunch, it seems we've suffered a relapse and this time it's affected the good people at MV Agusta whose 2004 lineup we shamefully omitted from last month's New Bike Guide, and Moto Guzzi, whose lineup we simply got wrong. We're bad, bad men and even worse moto-journalists, and for this - among myriad other crimes against literature, grammar, the written word and humanity in general - we apologize.



The fastest, most powerful and baddest looking F4 yet, this awesome piece of two-wheeled exotica is intended primarily for track use and is equipped accordingly. A redesigned cylinder head features reshaped combustion chambers that work in tune with new Mahle forged pistons to achieve more power all the way to the 13,900rpm redline. An ultra-close ration transmission, loads of carbon fiber and titanium and options such as an open exhaust further express this bike's sporting purposes.


Built to commemorate and honor motorcycling legend Giacomo Agostini, only 500 of these top, top-shelf offerings will be made available to the public. Powered by the same uprated mill as in the F4 SPR, the AGO should prove plenty capable on the racetrack, and with its classically-inspired color scheme and old-school MV logo, will assuredly beat out all comers in terms of aesthetics. Each bike will feature the owner's name engraved atop the triple clamp for all of eternity.

F4 Brutale Oro-----MSRP TBA

The mother-of-all Brutales, this limited-run model is the best-of-the-best and features fittingly high-spec componentry. The swingarm, in all of its beauty, is crafted entirely from magnesium! And that's just the beginning...any more would make you (and us) drool too much and possibly damage this fine publication.

F4 Brutale Strada-----MSRP TBA

The lower-spec descendant of the Brutale Oro, there's still nothing low-spec about this MV - the very bike we've been waiting for for how many years now? Well it's here, it's beautiful, and it makes the finest noises this side of a Ferrari. Good fun, too.


Breva 750: $7,790
Breva 1100: Delivery and MSRP TBA
California Stone: $9,790
California Stone Touring: $10,490
California Aluminum: $11,490
California Titanium: $11,690
California EV: $11,990
California EV Touring: $13,490
V11 Naked: $10,990
V11 Ballabio: $11,490
V11 Cafe Sport: $13,990
V11 Coppa Italia: $14,590
V11 LeMans: $11,490
V11 LeMans Rosso Corsa: $13,990
V11 LeMans Nero Corsa: $13,990
MGS01 Corsa: Delivery and MSRP TBA
MGS01 Serie: Delivery and MSRP TBA

Moto Guzzi MGS-01
MV Brutale Strada
MV Brutale Strada