On Two Wheels: Behind the Scenes On Scooters In San Francisco

Scouting San Francisco for On Two Wheels, on crutches.

Truth be told, there aren’t many scenes in On Two Wheels to go behind. Usually, MC staffers Ari and Zack set off to have an adventure of some kind and our diligent video producer, Spenser Robert, follows along with all of the equipment and most of the good ideas. But, when the idea of riding a Honda Grom and Kawasaki’s new Z125 Pro through San Francisco overnight came up, it seemed like a bigger task than usual. Clearly, a scouting mission was in order.

Tragically (and selfishly), Spenser broke his foot just before the shoot. It placed a large and unwieldy wrench dangling dangerously close to the well-oiled gears of the two-wheeled team. Ever the trooper, Spenser strapped his crutches to the side of the scooter and took off with Zack on a scout of San Francisco. And because he doesn’t know how to stop working, he ran the cameras and made this video.