Olympia 410 Sport Gel Glove

Five years is a solid run for a pair of gloves, after which you'd expect them to be utterly thrashed. Not my Olympia 410s: They've survived the equivalent of two laps around the globe and all the nasty weather that would go with it. They've been drenched with sweat slogging through city traffic and flash-dried on a muffler after a cold, rainy ride in the mountains. They've suffered more mistreatment than any gloves should have to endure, let alone a bargain-priced $60 pair. Yet after all that punishment, they remain roadworthy.

The 410s' unadorned black leather and long gauntlets make them the quintessential biker's gloves. Vibration-damping silicone in the palms is the only indulgence. Protection is minimal, but their snug fit and supple leather make them an ideal commuting and touring garment, enabling you to answer a cell phone, flip through an atlas or pull a quarter from your pocket without stripping a mitt.

Olympia's super-premium deluxe leather is peeled from the backs of the toughest cows and laid on double-thick in key locations. A side-entry gauntlet makes them exceedingly easy to pull on or off, and everything secures with a large Velcro flap. The gloves' construction is based on 60 years of experience, so nary a loose thread or bulging seam is visible after years of use. Deep wrinkles in the palms and a crisp tan across the knuckles are the only indications of their age.

It is with great respect that I retire these artifacts from service. What will replace them? I've already ordered another pair of $60 Olympias...

Olympia 410 Gel Sport Gloves
Price: $59.95

The quintessential biker's gloves.